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Comprehensive evaluation of Higher Vocational College in 2018 (classification, separate) examination

Date:2018-03-24Author:Hu Xingting Click:

In March 24th, the first day of the college's 2018 vocational comprehensive evaluation (classification, separate) examination, more than 2400 candidates from the whole province participated in the college's comprehensive evaluation (classified and separate) enrollment examination of the college in 2018.The candidates who are enrolled can not take part in the 2018 general college entrance examination, and enjoy the same treatment as the freshmen enrolled in the unified college entrance examination.


This year, the comprehensive evaluation (classification and individual) of the higher vocational college is covered by a wide range of students and a large number of enrolment, involving mechatronics technology, industrial robot technology, construction engineering technology, engineering cost, tourism management, hotel management, software technology and accounting (Chinese and foreign cooperation), construction Technology (Chinese and foreign cooperation), and interior arts.The design of the operation (Chinese and foreign cooperation), and other 38 major.


This classification is divided into two links: the written test and the interview. The senior high school graduates mainly carry on the academic level test and the professional adaptability test, the secondary vocational school graduates mainly carry on the cultural examination and the professional skill test, according to the test results to choose the best.The comprehensive evaluation (classification, separate) entrance examination of the higher vocational college is successfully completed according to the principle of "fair competition, fair selection, comprehensive evaluation and choosing the best admission". In accordance with the requirements of the college entrance examination, the measures are in place, the responsibility is in place, and the implementation is in place.

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