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The Institute held a security and stability working conference in 2018

Date:2018-03-27Author:Long Guangting Click:

On the afternoon of March 27th, the College held a conference on safety and stability in 2018 in the third conference room of the executive building.Zhou Jie, a member of the dean's college, attended the conference, and the middle level cadres, deputy level cadres and counselors attended the meeting.

Feng Qiyi, deputy secretary of the Party committee, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Jiang Mingyuan, the director of the security office, reported the problems related to the safety and stability of colleges and universities in the province in 2017 and analyzed some typical cases. Vice president Liu Tiande summarized and reported the security and stability of the college in 2017, and made deployment and requirements for the work of security and stability in 2018.

In his speech, President Zhou Jie repeatedly stressed "safe work without minor matters" and fully agreed with the security and stability work arrangements made by Vice President Liu Tiande at the meeting. It pointed out that we should constantly innovate work ideas, promote school safety and stability in an all-round way, prevent ideological penetration from ideology, grasp the network platform management and control of the college, and teach the teaching of the college network platform.Teachers and students should strengthen the guidance of ideological education, create a good atmosphere of education, and increase the construction and investment of civil defense, technical defense, and material and defense, and pay attention to fire prevention, burglar proof and defrauding, to ensure the safety of the students' personal and property, and to build a safe, stable and harmonious and beautiful environment for educating people.

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