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The first to do in-depth assistance "spring action"

Date:2018-04-12Author:Wang Jiayou Click:

In April 12th, Jianhe County, but Liu Bao Shou, Ma Li Cun, sunny, spring is the spring season and.The college has thoroughly implemented the 2018 spring off campaign for poverty alleviation and promoted the party building to help the poor.


Feng Qiyi, a party leader and a deputy secretary of the Communist Party of China, visited the Liu Bao Village of Liu Chuan Town, Zhang Ping.

Liu Tiande, vice captain of the two team leader, helped the village work. Liang Pengfei, the Deputy General Secretary of the Department of economic management, visited the village of liushou Town, Liuchuan Town, helping the county.

Dong Ping, a team leader of the three team, helped the village to inspect the Mali village of Jianhe county.

The leaders went to the fields, together with the village cadres planning 2018 helping the project, do the "spring action".

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