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 Guizhou Light Industry Technical College was founded with the approval of The People’s Government of Guizhou Province in Feb, 2004, affiliated to Department of Education of Guizhou Province. The college is a comprehensive one of tertiary vocational and technical education on a full-time basis, also engaged in providing secondary vocational education and pre-or-post job training. It offers programs in engineering, IT, arts and crafts, economics and management, etc.
  The predecessors of the college are the provincial-level key school-Guizhou No. 1 Secondary Vocational School of Light Industry and the national-level key school-Guizhou No. 2 Secondary Vocational School of Light Industry, which were founded in 1978 and 1979 respectively. Having gone through thirty years ’rain and shiny days, the spirit “Work hard in defiance of difficulties persistently” is deeply rooted in the college. The school motto “Be Well-cultivated and Excel in Virtue; Be Skillful and Thrive in Career” is distilled from the experience of running the college. By offering academic education, non-academic education and social training, etc, the college has trained and supplied nearly ten thousand of technical and managerial talents to society. Over 3000 cadres in their posts have received training offered by the college. The college has been making positive contribution to the development of light industry and the regional economy of the province.
  The college is situated in the city of Guiyang, which boasts a good reputation for being “China’s Summer Resort City”. It has two campuses, which sit in Longdongbao and Wangchengpo respectively, covering an area of more than 200 Mu, of which the school buildings area is 90,000 m2. The equipment used for teaching and scientific research is worth more than 30 million RMB. In the college, there are 44 various kinds of labs, practical training rooms and design studios, 9 reading rooms and 15 Internet-connected computer rooms equipped with more than 800 computers for teaching. In addition, 64 off-campus bases for industrial attachment and practical training have been established. The library houses books of more than 300,000 volumes.
  The college has been putting much effort in applying the strategy of strengthening the college by talents, so the structure of the faculty team has been improved constantly. There are 303 internal and external full-time and part-time teachers, including 111 teachers with senior professional titles, 12 professors, 10 PhD program candidates, 1 provincial expert, 3 commissaries of education steering committees for vocational and technical education of National Ministry of Education and 1 national ceramic design artist. In the faculty team, 121 are internal “dual-qualification” teachers and 65 are part-time teachers from the front line of enterprises. The college has been active in encouraging internal teachers to do part-time jobs in industries and enterprises, which contributes to creating the outstanding characteristics of the faculty team of higher vocational and technical education.
  The college now offers 41 diploma courses, 4 provincial-level quality courses and 14 college-level quality courses. There are 3 practical training bases for vocational and technical education with Central Government’s financial support. Such institutions for evaluation and training as Guizhou No. 101 National Vocational Skill Evaluation Institute, Guizhou Managerial Staff Training Base of Modern Distance Education and the training base for Guizhou Interior Decoration Association are located here.
  According to the relevant decisions of The People’s Government of Guizhou Province, the college will be moved as a whole in three to five years to Dangwu in Huaxi District of Guiyang, where is designed to be the concentration area for Guizhou’s colleges and universities. Obeying the spirit of the No. 3043 document of Guizhou Development and Reform Commission, it has been approved that a new campus of the college will be built in the concentration area. The new campus will cover an area of more than 1000 Mu, of which the planned construction area of buildings will be 320,000 m2. By that time, the new campus will be able to hold 11000 students to study there. Now, such related work as land requisition is being carried out in an orderly way. Moving to the new campus will offer the college a great opportunity of development and improvement.
  Standing at a new starting point and shouldering new tasks, the college will continue to follow the concept of scientific development with the inspiration of the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist party of China. It will persistently adhere to its guideline “making service its aim and employment its guidance” to run the college and take the path of development, which emphasizes the modes of combination of work and study and school-enterprise cooperation. It will also continuously hold its aim of “keeping a foothold in Guizhou, serving light industry and facing society”. The college will give full play to the advantages and features of vocational education, training batches of highly skilled talents and high-quality workers in the front line of production, construction, services and management of manufacturing industries, services industries and specialized industries, so as to make its contribution to the development of economy and society for the thriving of Guizhou and the welfare of its people.

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